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I am Carissa; a mom, business owner, photographer, follower of Christ and coffee lover! I am not a writer! It is not really one of the talents God has gifted me with. However, for a long time I have been wanting to start a blog for a variety of reasons. Most recently to document some exciting adventures I am going to be able to be a part of soon. So bare with me as I attempt to put my thoughts into words!

Why did I call this blog Brokenness Aside? I was driving out to a friends house just thinking and listening to Pandora on my phone. A song came by All Sons and Daughters called Brokenness Aside.  The song talks about how broken we are and how Christ takes that brokenness from us and makes it beautiful. It just reminded me of how much my life has been changed by Christ and how without Him really all I am is a bunch of broken pieces of a life, of a person, of a heart. I would be nothing without His love and Him stepping in for me and making me whole.

So, I don’t really know exactly what I will write about on this blog but here goes. We will see what comes out of this broken mess, maybe it will be beautiful .

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