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Okay, so I have had a lot of friends asking me about this Whole30 dealio.   I cannot take credit for anything as I was inspired by some other friends who did it. To say that I have struggled with my weight and health over the course of my life is an understatement.  Starting in college […]

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Letting Go of the Balance Beam

“I’m not going to try anything crazy, I’m just going to sit here, I’m just going to hold on. ” That is kind of how my life has been. I don’t like much conflict, or drama so I mainly stroll along not wandering off the path of least resistance. I also don’t like putting my […]

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Well, it is the third day of 2014 and I am blogging. I have only had this blog up and live for a few months with no posts but hey that is life right!?   I do not consider myself  great writer so be aware I am not intentionally trying to bore anyone with my […]

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