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Okay, so I have had a lot of friends asking me about this Whole30 dealio.   I cannot take credit for anything as I was inspired by some other friends who did it. To say that I have struggled with my weight and health over the course of my life is an understatement.  Starting in college I went through gaining 40 pounds, losing 50, gaining 60 when I was pregnant with Hallie then losing it all and more, then gaining it all back when I was pregnant with Callum and never really losing it after that.  Recently, I am going to say due to stress, I was putting on weight like crazy. I am an emotional eater and I was just not taking care of myself at all.  Like eating whole bags of chips, candy, half of a pizza. Things like that. Don’t judge I am sure you have done the same.

So at the end of March I realized I needed to make a big change. Not just lose weight but really try to change my thinking and how I eat and take care of myself. So I started running and let me tell you. I am not a runner. I was always the SLOWEST person on our sports teams, and my slowest I mean the person that caused the rest of the team to have to run more laps because I took so long. So I have used the Couch to 5K app on my phone. You start out running like a minute at a time and end running a 5K.  I thought I would not make it through the 1 minute at a time days and now I am running the whole time. It can be done.

About a month ago we heard about something called Whole30.  I looked into it and thought ummmmm…. no.  But, I was stuck. I was not having any success with my weight loss and was still having issues with food.  So Seth and I both decided to do it. This meant 30 days with no sugar, grains, dairy or processed foods. That is not just cutting out one thing but seriously all of the things people try to cut out.  So we just made the decision. We printed out the food list and went shopping.

Here is the website to check out if you want to see what it is all about: Whole30.

People have been asking me for tips so I will do the best I can on that but trust me I am not a pro!

The first thing we did was put away or get rid of all the food we could not eat.  Then we went shopping and bought tons of fruit, veggies and some nuts. We visited Cash and Carry and bought a huge box of sweet potatoes which we ate a ton of.  A TON!  We also bought some meat there since they have large quantities at good prices and we split it up to freeze.

I searched Pinterest for some recipes and made a meal plan. Making a meal plan is super helpful!  That way you can buy ingredients or produce you need for that week and actually use it.  We also made large quantities of things that would last for lunches or other dinner nights.

Here are a few of our favorite recipes for dinner.

I do a lot better when there is a set plan, so I ate the same thing for breakfast 6 days out of 7. Egg whites with veggies and my coffee. Boring yes, but easy and good! Costco has a great box of egg whites that are reasonable. I also cheated a bit and had peanut butter. It was kind of my cheat I guess. I made sure I got the peanut butter with no added sugar or anything else besides peanuts.  Coconut and Almond milk are your best friend!  Any fruit in some almond milk is delicious.  We also ate tons of sweet potatoes. Fries, chips, roasted, hash browns… and whatever else we could think of.  Another great thing is LaCroix water. It is flavored sparkling water that is obviously not like your favorite soda but can at least give you something as an option.

So I am not on 36 days of eating this way. I can say I feel so much better. I am a lot more level headed and can manage my emotional eating and stress better. Weird but true. I also am sleeping so much better and am able to get up when I set my alarm and not feel sluggish. Seth has lost about 24 pounds and I have lost 18. I have before and after photos but I will not be posting them here for the sake of your eyes. If you are my friend and a female and want to see them just let me know.

So that is all I can think of right now. I have definitely realized how much is in the food we eat and how it was effecting my body and my emotional health.  Maybe cutting out all of these things seems impossible to you but maybe start with 1!




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